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About Media-enabled

About Media-enabled

Company Profile

Media-enabled provides digital distribution as well as data collection, tracking, processing, configuring and data formatting services. Our services can also include data management, warehousing and reporting.
Whatever your product or service, we have the ability to collect your data!

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Benefits of Using Our Service

Media-enabled Careers

· Sophisticated data collection, scrubbing and configuring
· Facilitation and execution of electronic audits
· Inventory management based on sales performance by item at store, region, state, national or global levels
· Financial analysis reports
· Recognition of sales trends by market, region, store, brand or product
· Specialized reporting to track regional promotions or advertising
· Visualization of the entire product life cycle, from product order to sell-through
· Management of consignment products
· System customization to meet your specific needs

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Six Basic Services

Media-enabled's Six Basic Services

Web App design

Spider/api Data Collection

db design and procedures

Data(Scrub and Organize)

EDI and Data Communications

BI Reports and Analyses

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About Media-enabled

Established after developing of the largest Christian social netwotk and video sharing site. Currently owner of the i2belong.com Christian Social network.

Grew to be the largest provider of revenue sharing services to U.S. non-specialty video outlets

Builder of XO Connunication Data center management application

Servicing 50% of U.S. supermarket rental outlets by 1997

Transformed U.S. role to become
A data processor / auditor for studios participating in video revenue sharing with major North American video retailers

A licensor of data extraction and processing software to U.S. video distributors for their supermarket and independent video store clients

Acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment in December 2002

In early 2003, Media-enabled begins market research to expand its services

From early 2004 through late 2005, Media-enabled developed an entirely new data tracking service with a infrastructure based on Oracle. This expanded its capabilities, allowing rapid and flexible growth for the entertainment industry

In February 2006, Media-enabled’s new GRADE Plus
service is launched by tracking data for mobile and
digital distribution

At VSDA of July 2006, Media-enabled re-introduces itself
as the new solution to data collection and warehousing
for the entertainment industry

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